Jetta uses EnergyLink to manage revenue check and joint interest billing information. EnergyLink enables operators’ JIB and Revenue data to be received, viewed and/or processed by owners electronically via the internet.

Please use the login form below or visit www.energylink.com to log in and view your statements. If you do not have a user ID or have forgotten your password, please click the Contact link at www.energylink.com.

Revenue Check Detail

For questions regarding revenue checks, please contact us at Revenue@JettaOperating.com or 817-335-1179 Option 3.

For questions regarding division orders or ownership transfer requests, please contact us at DivisionOrders@JettaOperating.com.

For ACH payment changes, please contact us at Treasury@JettaOperating.com.



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Joint Interest Billings (JIB)

For JIB statement inquiries, please contact: